55-year-old Commercial S3x Worker Stabbed By Client During Disagreement

Dead Corpse


Dead man

A 55-year-old commercial s3x worker simply identified as Anatoli was reportedly stabbed on her neck by a client following a disagreement.

Police officers in Shauri Moyo, Nairobi county, have reportedly launched an investigation into the stabbing incident that left Savelina Anatoli hospitalized.

Moyo was stabbed on the left side of her neck with a knife by her client who fled the scene, leaving behind his personal effect including the knife which the police officers recovered from the crime scene.

A police report read;

“55-year-old s3xual worker Anatoli was stabbed in the left side of the neck by her customer after they had an argument. The man ran away leaving his personal effects that were recovered from the scene including the knife he used to stab her.”

The victim was rushed to MSF hospital Mathare before she was referred to Mama Lucy Hospital where she is currently admitted.

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