Ibikunle Aosun’s comments on Western Nations Granting Young Nigerians Visas to travel abroad should be looked into by the Human Rights

Governor of Ogun State Ibikunle Aosun

Governor of Ogun State Ibikunle Aosun

The former Governor of Ogun State Ibikunle Aosun recently got netizans angry after he claimed that Western Nation’s granting of visas to Nigerians to travel abroad is “wickedness”.

The former Ogun State Governor in his statement claimed that the rate of youths traveling outside the country is unsustainable on Nigerian economic development:

“All our youths and young talents are travelling out of Nigeria, seeking greener pastures, and the prospective countries are deliberately giving them visas to leave the country, without putting the origin country into consideration”, his comments read.

Aosun also stated that the western nations granting those youths visas are wicked as it encourages others to follow suit.

His comments angered Nigerians and Human Rights advocates, who echoed that the comments sounds like a man who wants to turn Nigeria into “dictatorship” leadership.

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