Arise TV Invitations, PDP Reunion And Tinubu’s Bluff, Matters Arising

Political debate

Political debate

I always enjoy this proverb which I learnt from the late sage Chief Bola Ige the Cicero, he was always quoted as saying that he wouldn’t lower himself to call a cow an uncle just so he could eat beef. i.e to say I no go call cow Oga because beef dey hungry me.

This is exactly how the opposition, and by extension Arise Tv, wishes to mock Tinubu simply because the Jagaban is running for president.

According to Ireporter, If you’ve been following the trend, you’ll see a particular interest in Arise TV, which is owned by Thisday and has Nduka Obaigbena as its patron on Tinubu matters. Nduka is a full-fledged PDP chieftain and an unrepentant one at that, as we all saw the other day when he mocked Wike over his controversial stance with the PDP leadership.

You know, Arise TV cannot be said to be bigger than media behemoths like NTA, AIT, Channels, TVC, and a few others. Instead, Arise TV interpreted Tinubu’s refusal to attend its PDP re-union discussion as an offence, bringing it to the public realm for arguments.

What makes Arise TV so special that Tinubu must attend its presidential debate? Take notice of when Arise TV aired each of these interviews, as well as Tinubu’s timeline, and tell me which you believe is most important.

Tinubu was at a town hall meeting with the private sector the other day when the TV station organized its first discussion, the opposition argues Tinubu is avoiding the people, and I question how? Tinubu was engaging with the private sector at an event that was broadcast live on all Nigerian television stations, including Arise TV, and yet you claim he is avoiding Nigerians.

Which had more coverage? Tinubu met with hundreds of private sector movers in front of all national and international television cameras, as well as all electronic and print media.

The reach Tinubu achieved in those shows with all networks cannot be compared to the reach of the Arise TV interview, which is exclusively shown on Arise TV and a select few online platforms.

Now, Asiwaju is in the UK, storming Chatham House to explain how he wants to carry out his manifesto, while Arise TV is hosting a presidential discussion between the PDP Promax, PDP Lite, and PDP XR, and they expect Tinubu to be among them, on what basis? Is Tinubu required to listen to Arise TV ?

Last four years, Atiku was attending these interviews with Peter Obi and Musa Kwankwanso as one party, and now that they have opted to be a trinity travelling separate ways, you are tagging Asiwaju with them, wetin concern fish and raincoat? Why do they want Tinubu to be allied with these PDP members?(they were all in PDP as at this year)

Arise TV, whose employee, Rufai Oseni, is accused of threatening to wipe out or kill Reno Omokri in minutes, wants to interview Tinubu on what grounds?

Arise TV should go boil beans, they are not the only media outlet in the world, when Tinubu is ready to meet with the media he will notify Arise TV, think even after the APC PCC asked Arise TV to cease announcing Tinubu as a participant in the charade called debate they refused because they want traffic.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy.

Source:- Ireporter

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