I Ran Mad – Chacha Eke Confesses In Church How She Overcame Mental Illness

Chacha Eke and husband

Chacha Eke and husband

Critically acclaimed Nollywood actress Chacha Eke Faani has confessed that she was battling with mental illness some months ago.

She spoke while giving testimony in church.

A viral video of the actress surfaced on Sunday at ‘House on the Rock Church’ Asaba, Delta State; recounting episodes of the times she went ‘bunkers’.

She also hinted at reuniting with her hubby, Austin Faani, from whom she announced separation a few months ago.

“I was lodged in a hotel with my husband and two children at that time and then one day, it happened. I went mad.

“Just like in the movies, I went bunkers. I went crazy. I began to throw away all of our belongings including the hotel properties. Ripping things apart.

“That incident was so intense that what I needed was a trip to the hospital. But I didn’t go to the hospital because, my husband and I who are seated here, was there to support me.

“Thank you for your support. We attributed it to demonic attack, marine spirit, voodoo, somewhere from somewhere. Oh! It’s Nollywood,” the mother of four said in parts.

On June 28, for the second time in two years, Chacha announced the end of her nine-year-old marriage to the father of her four kids.

Citing reasons for her decision, the actress stated the need to stay alive rather than leave as a corpse propels her to terminate the marriage noting it was long overdue.

She apologised to the public for misleading them by depicting she had a blissful life while being married.

But in September, during an Instagram Live session with fans, the 35-year-old filmmaker addressed concerns of fans about returning to her hubby ‘when the chance presents itself’.

She stated why ‘she still has Faani to her Instagram name because she’s supposed to as they’re gonna get back soon’.

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