Nigeria Internet Slay Queens: influencing of young girls and causing mayhem on social media

Teju Pretty

Teju Pretty

The impact of social media influencers on Nigerian youths has become so overwhelming.

These days youths are being so easily decieving by what they see on the internet especially our young girls who looks upto these Instagram influencers as their role model.

These has resulted in many Nigerian girls indulging into explicit acts just to meet up.

Recently, a popular influencer Teju Pretty was beaten and stripped naked for allegedly refusing to refund N150k debt since 2020.

According to the lady identified as Rhiks;

In 2020 I mistakenly transferred N800k to Teju who was an influencer for my business at the time.

I contacted Teju to refund the money because it was meant for my lawyer, but she kept giving me excuses and managed to pay back N650k.

Teju allegedly refused to refund the balance of N150k even after and became rude to me and berated me for ‘disturbing her peace’ because of N150k.

I decided to take matters into my hands, and seemingly lured Teju to a location where I confronted, beat and stripped her naked for failing to refund my money.

These and many instances has been taken place with these so called female influences pushing Nigerian youths to evil in the name of feeling among.

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