Rufai Vs Reno: Why I Think The ‘take Out’ Accusation Is Funny, – Dr. Nweke

Rufai Vs Reno: Why I Think The ‘take Out’ Accusation Is Funny, – Dr. Nweke

Rufai Vs Reno: Why I Think The ‘take Out’ Accusation Is Funny, – Dr. Nweke

Reno Omokri’s arch rival on Twitter Dr. Desmond Nweke has written a long Twitter thread in which he gave 3 points why he thinks Reno’s accusation of Rufai Oseni is baseless.

To me, he makes so much sense. But, this is democracy. So, let me share it here and see what Nairalanders think about it.


A popular saying goes that “silence is the best answer to a fool”. I believe that this is the reason @ruffydfire may not respond to the accusation of assassination attempts by @renoomokri.

Why? If you think about it,

the accusation is so empty and puerile.

But while Rufai Oseni may not want to respond and shouldn’t, I wished he would sue Reno for false accusation. See how sure I am that Reno lied:

1. Reno is not a threat to the Obi camp. If you want to see the truth of this my assertion, go and read the comments under any of Reno’s numerous anti-Obi tweets and see that over 80% of his followers are against his views. He complains that it is Obidients being against him instead of realizing that it is a simple sampling of public opinions among Nigerians. In a demo-cracy, which is the government of the PEOPLE, public opinion is everything. But Reno keeps insinuating that he is wiser than the overwhelming numbers disagreeing with him. At other times, he would want everyone to believe that all Obidients are IPOB members and that those 80%

disagreeing with him are all IPOB-Obidients which would imply that 80% of Nigerians are IPOB-Obidient!?! How stupid so to think!!! In any case, it shows that Reno is not any threat to the Obi Camp since most Nigerians are not buying his deception. So, why would Rufai, Obi, or any Obidient want to assassinate Reno?

2. I have listened to the said leaked audio of Rufai telling someone to ‘take out’ Reno, and there is no single mention of Reno or anything that has to do with Reno there. Yet, Reno, who claims to be a lawyer and a Pastor wasn’t ashamed to go public with the accusation. In case you want to listen to the audio I listened to so that you can tell me how wrong I might be, you can go here���

3. Even if the voice is that of Oseni, we all know what it means in the street language of Nigeria to take someone out. It means to take them to eat out in a restaurant or drink at a bar.

Well, those are my views. Let me see if anyone agrees or not. Tnx

See Twitter post below;

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