Skit Maker, Sydney Talker And Actress Toyin Abraham Spark Reactions After Sharing A Passionate Hug

Skit Maker, Sydney Talker And Actress Toyin Abraham

Skit Maker, Sydney Talker And Actress Toyin Abraham

A passionate hug between actress, Toyin Abraham and skitmaker, Sydney Talker has left tongues wagging on social media.

In a video that is making the rounds on social media, the skitmaker was seen hugging the actress in an inappropriate manner.

Some fans condemned the incident because the actress is married, while others said they didn’t see anything wrong in it.

See video and comments below:

If there is anything between them, dey will not even hug or get close in public. It’s an innocent hug jare

Anyone who sees something wrong with this is damaged. No therapist can fix your thoughts

It’s even obvious that she isn’t comfortable with it
Must you people find fault in everything

Thanks for the post, there’s nothing here 🤣🤣nor be me u go put for thinking mteew 😂

Even if e no innocent, e no concern anybody except the two of them.

Nothing is wrong, but if another man hugs your wife like this, you no go allow her sleep in peace. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

Na you call am PASSIONATE HUG NA YOU CALL AM NORMAL HUG…. Well done 👍 😂

Make we talk truth. Her reaction to that hug Na like say she dey enjoy fine boy hugging. See her attitude. She was not even saying anything. If she wasn’t enjoying it she would be talking normal while hugging 😂
Na therapist suppose dey cash out this period really.

Only u call am passionate, only u still call am normal hug…remedy make up ur mind

It is giving a mother-son relationship vibes. You people trolling should rest😂😂😂
No sense at all. If you know Aunty Toyin you would know she is so free and can hug even her enemy. Eyin were no content for you. So you would post rubbish.

Two comedians are hugging you guys are reading meaning

O wrong nah for you to think say dem dey knack o wrong nah 😡

People can be so extra… what’s wrong with the hug abeg, knowing how playful Sydney is

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