Spates of kidnapping in Nigeria today and it’s implications

Armed bandits
Photo Credit: Premium Times Nigera
Armed bandits
Photo Credit: Premium Times Nigeria

Kidnapping for Ransom has become the order of the day in Nigeria today. From popular Clergy Men to wealthy individuals and even those related to political elites in the country.

Kidnapping hotspots in Nigeria today are Northern regions of the country and most recently southeastern part of the country with Imo State recently being the kidnapping hotspot of the Southeast.

One may ask “why is this so”? Is it that the security operatives are not doing their possible best to stop this spate of crime in the country or is it that they are not being adequately equipped to tackle such crimes.

Nigeria today has developed a name in the world stage so bad that mentioning that you are a Nigerian abroad has become a taboo. Today Nigeria as a name and country is now associated with cyber crime, fraud, corruption, killing and what have you.

Islamic terrorists and Bandits are also not helping matters with their spate of mother and kidnapping for ransom in the Northern regions of the country.

With the rise of crime each year in the country, why is it that the government are not doing anything meaning to tackle these crimes?

Recently the home of former Nigerian Chief of Army staff was raided and more than One Billion Naira was recovered from his official residence, money which he was supposed to use in tackling of these insecurities, kidnapping and terrorism but instead he and his entourage embezzled them for their own selfish interest.

With all these we can easily conclude that corruption by those in government is the main issue facing the country and not kidnapping or terrorism. This is so because if the money being embezzled by those in authority that was supposed to be used to tackle these issues are used for the actual purpose it was meant for, the insecurities in the country would have been a thing of the past.

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