Today’s Nollywood and its rise to world stage



The Nigerian film/movie industry Popularly called “Nollywood” has evolved with time, from unknown African movie industry to superstardom thanks to it’s unending talents of actors and actresses taking center stage.

This poll of talents have made sure that the Nollywood industry continued to rise to become a recognized movie industry in the world.

Though one would say that the American version which gave rise to industries like Nollywood is still the leader of movie industries but one can’t write off our their Nollywood which is the second largest movie industry in the world after India’s own Bollywood which came first when it comes to share movies produced each year.

Movies like 30 days in Atlanta which won numerous awards and got international recognition to name a few has shown that Nigerian Nollywood is here to stay and to rival other established industries like American Hollywood and Indian Bollywood.

As it stands Nollywood will definitely continue its rise to the world stage.

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