Woman Who Didn’t Even Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth In Plane Toilet



In what will come across as a really startling development, a woman who didn’t even know she was pregnant, has given birth.

According to Daily Star, The woman who didn’t realize she was pregnant was left shocked when she went into labour and gave birth to a baby in a plane toilet.

The young woman, from Ecuador, got the surprise of her life after experiencing stomach pains while on her way to Madrid.

The new mother, who goes only by her first name Tamara, had been heading to the Spanish capital city on a Dutch KLM airlines flight that had a stopover at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

She says that the flight was still a few hours away from landing at the Dutch capital when she began to feel uncomfortable and experience stomach cramps.

The pain prompted her to go to the toilet, where she was amazed to suddenly find that she was holding a baby she’d quickly given birth to.

Airlines have strict policies prohibiting heavily pregnant women from flying due to the risks and dangers of going into labour mid-air.

Luckily for Tamara, there were two doctors and a nurse on board the flight who came to her assistance following the surprising delivery.

She was so grateful for their help that she named her new son, Maximiliano, after one of the doctors on the flight.

Once they had landed in the Netherlands safely Tamara and her new baby were taken by ambulance to the Spaarne Gasthuis Haarlem South hospital, located just west of Amsterdam.

In a statement, the hospital said: “A few hours before landing in the Netherlands, her stomach hurt and she decided to go to the toilet. To her great surprise, after two contractions, she suddenly had a baby in her hands.”

An airline spokesperson has confirmed that both mother and baby are doing well.

They are now waiting for official paperwork for the new baby to be completed before they can continue their journey towards Madrid.

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